Dominican Republic Offering a Break on Airfares

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Oct 16. Here’s one way to help increase tourism and give air travelers a modest break on soaring airfares.

The Dominican Republic has eliminated its $10 ‘Tourist Card’ charge on airline tickets, according to a published report.

The island nation enacted the new rule in the beginning of the month, Jose Ernesto Marte, president of the Civil Aviation Board, said.

As the Dominican Republic became more and more of a vacation hotspot, the government authorized the use of the ‘Tourist Card’ in 1966 and added the small cost onto airline fares and cruise bookings. Airlines were advised last month to stop tacking on the tax charge effective on October 1 and were asked to eliminate the fee from their online reservation systems.

Airlines flying into and out of the Dominical Republic include

American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Copa Airlines, Delta, Air Caraibes, Iberia, Air Century, Arajet, Red Air and Sky High Aviation Services.

Source: Travel Pulse

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