Another Major City Has Just Banned Cruise Ships


July 25. The crackdown on cruises is expanding to another major city.

In a multi-step effort to tame what they call “nuisance tourism,” leaders in this tourist-favorite city are looking to place limits on cruise ships.

Amsterdam city officials confirmed Friday that they voted to ban cruise ships from disembarking passengers in the downtown area or docking at a terminal near the center of the Dutch capital.

The ban comes as the latest effort by city officials to cut down on the high volume of tourists coming into the city each year and to prevent air pollution.

The political party D66 said in an announcement on Thursday that a majority of the city council voted in favor of the proposal. The liberal political party has a strong focus on combating climate issues.

The ban is the latest step in the endeavor to clean up the city. Prior measures include restricting marijuana use in the city’s Red Light District and even pleading with male travelers who planned on hosting their bachelor parties there against visiting the city.

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