Bali Authorities Looking for Tourist who Meditated Naked at Hindu Temple


October 9. Authorities in Bali are looking for a tourist who posted several videos on social media showing him meditating naked in front of a Hindu shrine. The content was then redistributed by community group page canggu_bali and Balinese influencer and shoe designer Ni Luh Djelantik, who drew attention to the disrespectful practice and asked for the man to be deported.

“So disrespectful. Meditating nak*d on our temple? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F*CKIN MIND? How could you do this, humiliating Balinese and their belief? Immigration Officer please get this person, we’ve had enough! This is a humiliation to us Balinese people”, Ni Luh Djelantik wrote in the caption.

The original video, now deleted, was posted on an account under the tag of @julianzietlow, which now only has 2 posts of the man left. Soon after the media started picking up on the story and the backlash began, the man posted an explanation on a now completely deleted account, @autistic_digital_nomad, which Ni Luh Djelantik reshared on her own profile through a resharing app, making it still available on her page.

Although the exact location of the incident has not yet been determined, according to the New York Post, authorities have identified the man, but not disclosed his name and nationality. “We are in coordination with the Directorate of Intel and Security of the Bali Regional Police”, said Tedy Riyandi, Denpasar Immigration head. “We are working hard to track down the whereabouts of the foreigner and determine the time and location of the incident”, he added.

Since the reopening after the pandemic, Bali has been faced with an increasing number of tourists misbehaving and has started to take several measures in an attempt to limit the incidents. In July 2023, the regional government announced that, from 2024, a $10 tourist tax will be implemented to try and limit bad behaviour.

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