Top Emerging Travel Destinations in 2023


Feb 10. There are some places that are just hot right now – whether it be from the influence of social media influencers or the hard work of their destination management organizations, destinations such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Portugal are being pencilled into millions of Americans’ bucket lists this year.

Our list:

Ecuador: While travelers have been enjoying the bio-diverse Galapagos Islands for decades as a bucket-list destination, the Ecuadorian mainland may be getting more attention than it has in the past this year.

Panama: Panama may be most famous as the country of the Panama Canal, which connects that Pacific and the Caribbean seas, but it’s become a much more popular destination for other reasons, including its gastronomy, which has been influenced by Indigenous, Spanish, Chinese, African and American cuisines.

Dominica: is often confused with the Dominican Republic, but that is quickly changing as it grows in popularity.

South Korea: has burst onto the international travel scene following the pandemic, and for a few major reasons: K-pop, K-beauty and K-dramas! Especially popular among younger travelers, the small country boasts an incredible gastronomy, ancient history, modern innovations and plenty of arts and culture to explore as well as one of the best safety ratings in Asia.

Curaçao: The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao broke its record for annual visitor totals in 2022, welcoming over 489,000 travelers to the island.

Source: Travel Pulse.

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