Travel in Germany Impacted by Strikes


March 27. Transportation throughout Germany has been brought to a halt amid a labor union strike that has been labeled one of the largest walkouts in decades. Trains, planes, and public transit systems have all been impacted by the one-day strike, according to multiple news reports.

All Lufthansa flights were to be grounded today (March 27) amid the widespread strikes, the Independent reported. The airline confirmed with the publication that all flights from Frankfurt and Munich would be affected disrupting travel for thousands of people. The airline also said that rebooking options for passengers are minimal and is asking individuals who have a domestic flight in Germany planned for the days ahead to take rail instead.

The 24-hour labor walkout comes in response to salary issues and an attempt to garner wage hikes that compensate for record inflation. The unions want a pay raise of 10.5 percent and have rebuffed offers from employers of 5 percent raises over two years and a one-off payment.

Source: Travel Pulse

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