Peru in state of emergency with new travel advice issued

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September 25. Peru has announced a 60-day state of emergency in two parts of the country, as ongoing political unrest and a spike in crime cause fear and disruption.

The affected areas are the Lima region around the nation’s capital, namely San Juan de Lurigancho and San Martin de Porras, as well as the northern district of Talara in the Piura area in northwest Peru on the border with Ecuador.

President Dina Boluarte said in an interview that the measures, which include suspending civil rights such as the “inviolability of the home” are aimed at building a “frontal fight against crime and organized crime.”

Crime in Lima went up by over 30% last year, from 120,350 reports in 2021 rising to 160,200 in 2022. Incidents in recent days include including the launching of grenades in San Juan, including in a nightclub. At least 15 people were injured as a result.

Political protests in Peru can lead to road blockades, suspension of train services, disruption in immigration services of land borders and airport closures – often without prior notice or estimated reopening timelines.

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