Iberia Boosts Its Summer Latin America Schedule

Feb 17. Iberia has announced additional details concerning its post-pandemic recovery plans. It has shared that this summer, it primarily wants to focus on expanding its services to Latin America. While it has shared plans to expand services to the US and Europe, it anticipates that the Latin American air travel markets possess the largest growth opportunity.

The airline plans to offer more flights to Latin America throughout the summer season than ever before, surpassing 2019 numbers. It has shared that this growth has been fueled by strong post-pandemic travel demand and that it is looking to surpass 2019 numbers in every category this year.

The Airline’s expansion plans revolve around increasing flight frequency to the 16 destinations it serves in Latin America. Iberia plans to focus this growth throughout the summer, which it defines as being from March 25th to October 28th. The expansion plans come as the airline has successfully rebuilt its entire route network. With all of its operations that were hindered by the pandemic back in place, it is in a position where it can once again begin expanding its operations.

Source: Simple Flying


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