Mexico’s Domestic Airline Industry Facing Challenges

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Nov 26. It’s becoming more clear why Mexican government officials have proposed that foreign airlines take over some domestic routes inside the country.

Apparently, Mexico’s domestic airlines are in disarray, due partly to safety issues resulting in a downgrade by U.S. aviation officials in 2021 preventing Mexican airlines from opening new routes to the U.S., problems with how travel advisories have been issued by the U.S. and internal vandalism, according to the Associated Press.

Just this past week, Mexico City International Airport was vandalized with cut fiber optic cables leading into the airport.

“What we do know is that we are stalled,” aviation legal expert Rodrigo Soto-Morales said in an interview with the AP.

Moreover, authorities in Mexico said one of the terminals at the Mexico City airport is literally sinking and in desperate need of repair. The country’s transportation department was also hacked and cannot process paperwork online

Source: Travel Pulse


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