Princess Cruises to Celebrate 40th Anniversary with Specialty Med Cruises in 2025

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May 15. Princess Cruises is celebrating its 40th anniversary of sailing the Mediterranean next year and will be offering specialty itineraries with two of its newest ships, the Star Princess and the Sun Princess, in the region to celebrate.

In Europe, the line’s 2025 itineraries leaving from Southampton onboard the Sky Princess, Regal Princess and Emerald Princess will be available for booking starting May 25. The ships sailing the Mediterranean, the new Star Princess, the new Sun Princess and the Majestic Princess, will be available to book beginning June 1.

Princess Cruises’ European season begins in March and ends in November 2025. The new Star Princess will debut during the summer season, setting sail on August 5 for a 9-day Grand Mediterranean trip from Rome to Greece and Italy. The ship will be sailing in the Mediterranean through the end of the season.

A new 31-day Mediterranean Marvel cruise onboard the Sky Princess will offer several late-night stops in Mykonos, Santorini and Jerusalem/Bethlehem.

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