This Mayan Ruin South of Cancun Will Open to the Public for the First Time Ever

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June 17. Mayan ruins are a big part of the reason why Mexico is so popular as a tourist destination, particularly among History enthusiasts.

Belonging to the wider Mayan World, it is home to over 200 archaeological zones, where some of the most impressive structures of the ancient civilization, including the world-famous step pyramids and the ball courts, can still be seen.

While open-air museums like Chichen Itza and the Tulum ruins are well-known to the wider public, one of Mexico’s priceless Mayan treasures had remained sealed off for decades as excavations and conservation efforts were underway, though that is changing soon.

The legendary Ichkabal is opening to the Public for the first time in history.

After a decade since it was first announced as Mexico’s next protected archaeological site, the unexplored Mayan city of Ichkabal will host its first foreign visitors.

As revealed by Diego Prieto, Director General of the country’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), renovation works in the ruins will be finished soon, allowing it to welcome tourists as early as summer 2024.

In his own words, ‘the Federation’s instruction is that the opening of the archaeological zone of Ichkabal be in August 2024, so they with the ejidatarios to reach an agreement ‘.

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