Bahamas Government Proposing Steep Cruise Passenger Fee Hikes

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June 7. The Bahamas government is proposing legislation that would hike cruise passenger fees to $30 or $32 per person, up from $18 now, according to multiple sources.

The Passenger Tax Amendment Bill 2023, introduced last week in the Bahamas’ House of Assembly, would increase the present $18 tax to $23 for “every cruise passenger” departing the territory via Nassau or Freeport.

The legislation will also introduce a $5 per-person “tourism environmental levy for every cruise ship passenger arriving or leaving” The Bahamas, according to a Bahamas Tribune report.

Finally, the bill will also implement a $2 per-person “tourism enhancement levy” for every passenger arriving at or leaving The Bahamas.

“We have been advised of the fees being considered and are in active discussions with country officials to better understand the changes and determine a mutually beneficial path forward,” said Michele Paige, CEO of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association.

The tourism enhancement levy is scheduled to begin on Jan. 1, 2024, according to the Tribune report, while the other increases would start this July.

Source: Travel Pulse

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