Two Tropical Disturbances in Caribbean Have Low Chances of Becoming Storms

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July 25. Two tropical disturbances in the Caribbean have low—but still possible—chances of developing cyclones in the next two to seven days.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), “tropical disturbance 2,” located in the Southwestern Atlantic, east of the Bahamas, is currently “a weak trough of low pressure” but “some gradual development of this system is possible while it moves west northwestward towards the southeastern U.S. coast later this week and into the weekend.”

The NHC currently reports the storm has a near-zero percent formation chance over the next 46 hours and a roughly 20 percent chance of formation through seven days. Still, the storm is on path to reach Florida’s east coast, as well as Georgia and South Carolina in the coming days.

According to, officials are advising residents to take precautions and be prepared despite the low chance of formation.

Another storm, “tropical disturbance 1,” is further south near the Windward Islands. According to the NHC, “a tropical wave located near the Windward Islands is producing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms while moving quickly westward. Development, if any, of this system should be slow to occur during the next day or two before it moves into a region of unfavorable upper-level winds. Regardless of development, locally heavy rains and strong gusty winds are expected across portions of the Lesser Antilles during the next day or so.”

The NHC reports the storm has roughly a 10 percent chance of formation over the next two to seven days.

After passing over the islands, it will move west along the northern coast of South America.

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