Aborted Takeoff Results in Multiple Injuries


June 24. An aborted takeoff led to 11 people going to the hospital with injuries.

The incident happened Saturday morning aboard a Cathay Pacific Airways flight. The plane was supposed to go from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

The airline confirmed there was a technical issue just seconds before takeoff and the pilot aborted the flight. A spokesperson for the airline did not say what the technical issue was.

The flight was carrying 293 passengers and 17 crew.

The injuries happened when the plane went back to the gate and used precautionary slides. Of the 11 people who needed treatment at a nearby hospital, nine have been released according to Cathay Pacific.

«Our colleagues will continue to provide support to the two hospitalized passengers and their families,» a spokesperson for the airline said.

A local broadcast station in Hong Kong, citing police, said one of the tires overheated and burst before the plane ever took off. Passengers were put on a later flight.

Source: Travel Pulse

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