Consequences of Travelling Without Health Insurance – This Tiktoker Learned Them the Hard Way


May 5. TikToker Kaleah Salmon was on a skiing trip in the French Alps when she learned the consequences of travelling without travel health insurance the hard way.

On one of the days, the Salmon woke up with her face fully swollen and had to rush to the doctors immediately who struggled to find out what she has.

She later shared a video on the experience on her TikTok account, which has 10.1k followers. The video immediately went viral, reaching an audience of 5.3 million viewers, reports.

“Everyone: You should really get travel health insurance. Me: Nah, I am healthy, I will be fine,” Salmon wrote in her video before showing herself with her face fully swollen.

In the comments later, she explained that while at first, the doctor told her it could be Lyme disease, after visiting a third doctor the latter told her that it was most possibly an auto-inflammatory disease.

Days later, she said in a comment in another that she was still unsure what the reason behind the face swelling was, adding that she had woken up the other day with other body parts swollen and rashes.

A lot of commenters in the video pointed out the importance of having health insurance when travelling in order to avoid expenses.

Source: Schengenvisa Info

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