International Tourist Spending in the US Hit $16.5 Billion in December

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Feb 13. International visitors to the United States spent nearly $16.5 billion in December, a figure that represents the highest level of spending since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in February 2020.

The record level of receipts for the final month of 2022 represent a 49 percent increase over December 2021. The same report reveals that for all of 2022, international visitors spent about $162 billion on U.S. travel and tourism-related expenses, which is nearly double the amount for 2021. Looked at another way, international visitors spent about $445 million per day last year.

The new data also shows that the United States closed the month of December with a travel surplus. Americans spent about $15.5 billion traveling abroad. When compared to the $16.5 billion spent in this country by international visitors, that’s a $932 million surplus.

Source: Travel Pulse

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