Encounters with animals account for majority of travel claims


September 27. From monkeys to companion animals such as dogs, animal encounters have become a major issue.

Animal encounters have accounted for most travel insurance claims over the years. On many trips, Australian travellers encounter monkeys that snatch belongings, including sunglasses, smartphones, and cameras. Dogs, often known for their loyalty to humans, can also react defensively, such as biting.

The animal-related travel insurance claims made by Australian travellers include:

  • Accidents (e.g., swerving a vehicle to avoid an animal and being startled by an animal, resulting in damage to an item)
  • Bites and scratches, mostly from insects, dogs, cats, squirrels, and monkeys
  • Damage to vehicles from animals such as kangaroos
  • Property stolen by monkeys
  • Injuries such as being stood on by a horse

Despite facing travel-related risks, one in 10 Australians were found to ditch travel insurance due to the rising cost-of-living crisis.

Source: Surfer

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