‘Cash is king,’ but it may not be accepted on your next vacation

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May 04. Frequent flyers know that cash was dethroned as a payment method for inflight purchases more than a decade ago. In fact, even credit cards have lost their in-air swiping privileges with some airlines in favor of entirely in-app payments.

There’s no doubt that in recent years, more and more merchants, including sports stadiums and concert venues, have made the choice to go cashless, opting instead to accept only debit cards, credit cards and other electronic forms of payment.

It’s to the point now where cash may not even be particularly welcome on your next vacation.

Since last year, a string of national parks have announced that they will no longer accept cash for entrance and permit fees. The list of parks is getting longer by the day.

Some airport check-in desks are also cashless. If you have purchased your ticket and paid for your checked baggage before arriving at the airport, this shouldn’t cause an issue. But, if you need to pay for checked or overweight baggage at the airport and only have cash, you could be in a bit of a pickle if you don’t have another way to pay.

While not as common, there are a handful of hotels and restaurants that will turn your cash away. The Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Palm Coast, Florida, for example, is a completely cashless property.

Certain train services, including Amtrak, have gone cashless on select routes. Once on board, you cannot use cash to purchase food, beverages or other goods.

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