European Travel Strikes Announced for May and June


May 22. Euro News has reported that workers across Europe are walking out in protest of low wages and poor working conditions.

Because walkouts are planned all over Europe, travelers should check before they leave for their planned destination. 

Nationwide Bus, Train and Tram Strike in Italy. A nationwide, 24-hour general strike is planned for Friday, May 26 which will affect bus, tram services and metro lines with significant delays and cancellations likely. It remains unclear whether local and interregional rail services will also be affected by the walkout.

Unions across France have been in an ongoing battle against an increase in the legal retirement age from 62 to 64.

Trade unions have announced a new nationwide day of protests on June 6th ahead of the French Parliament’s National Assembly on June 8.

Three major Belgian unions have called for a strike on Monday, May 22.

Security staff at Heathrow are on strike from Thursday, May 25 to Friday, May 26, almost exclusively affecting Terminal 5 where British Airways operates.

Source: Travel Pulse

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