Air New Zealand announces pricing for new in-flight sleep pods


May 12. Have you ever been on an ultra-long-haul flight in economy and wished you could lie down and sleep somewhere, anywhere, even for just a few hours? Soon that will be a reality if you’re on select Air New Zealand flights to and from the U.S.

Air New Zealand will debut its new sleep pods, aka fancy bunk beds, for economy-class passengers in September.

The innovative «Skynest» product — which the airline first announced shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic brought air travel to a halt in 2020 — will have six sleep pods that economy-class flyers can purchase in a four-hour block as an add-on fee to a regular seat.

We now know the price for that four-hour nap: $255-$380 (listed as $400-$600, presumably in New Zealand dollars, on the airline’s press release), per the airline. That comes to less than $100 an hour to nap in the sky.

The Air New Zealand Skynest features two sets of three bunk beds stacked in an outward-facing, V-shaped configuration. It will be between the premium economy and economy cabins.

Source: The Points Guy

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