Is travel insurance worth it?


March 30. You’ve spent weeks meticulously planning your vacation — everything from airfare and hotels to an itinerary. However, what do you do when something unexpected occurs and suddenly you can’t take your trip?

But when is travel insurance worth buying?

While travel insurance has its benefits, you only need to purchase it in certain scenarios.

You can skip purchasing travel insurance if you’re traveling within the U.S. Flying domestically typically isn’t as expensive compared to international trips. Also, if you already have medical insurance, you will most likely be covered in the event of a medical emergency in another state.

You should only consider travel insurance if you’re traveling at least 100 miles away and you have travel concerns.

Travel insurance can come in handy when traveling internationally, particularly for medical coverage since U.S. travelers won’t otherwise have medical insurance abroad.

Besides cancellations or medical coverage, comprehensive travel insurance can also allow you to book a flight quickly in the event you have to abruptly leave your vacation for an unplanned situation like a family emergency. Travel insurance plans can offer medical evacuation or emergency evacuation coverage, where travelers — in the absolute worst-case scenario — can be transported to the nearest hospital or medical facility in the event of illness or injury without accruing six-figure medical bills.

Source: The Points Guy


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