One of The World’s Busiest Cruise Destinations Will Open a New Port This Month


May 15. Beginning in 2019, it has been a 4 year undertaking for the exciting new port to be built in Nassau.

The capital of the Bahamas is already a hugely popular destination among cruise travelers, as it has been a bustling port city for 500 years!

This latest addition will only help attract even more tourists to what is already such a commonly visited place for vacationers, with over 3.5 million passengers annually.

In fact, Nassau set a new record for cruise passengers earlier this year, with over 28,000 served in just a single day!

Known all over the globe for immaculate blue waters, pristine beaches, and a beautiful, inviting culture, this nation of islands is set to enhance the experience even more.

The Bahamas are located a short flight away along the East Coast and the center of the U.S. from almost every major domestic airline.

Not all low-cost carriers will be an option, but Frontier does offer limited Bahamas routes. It’s extremely easy to reach by cruise as well from multiple ports in the U.S., especially Florida.

Source: Travel off Path

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