3 American tourists found dead in Mexico City Airbnb likely killed by carbon monoxide poisoning

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Nov 09. Three American tourists were found dead in their Mexico City Airbnb in what authorities say is most likely a case of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The bodies of 28-year-olds Kandace Florence and Jordan Marshall, and 33-year-old Courtez Hall were found in an Airbnb vacation rental last month after the trio traveled to Mexico City to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, New York Post reported.

Autopsy reports showed the three Americans likely died from inhaling carbon monoxide fumes, according to Bloomberg.

Florence was reportedly speaking with her boyfriend on the phone on the night of Oct. 30 when she told him that she was feeling sick and suggested that something did not feel right. The call was then dropped and her boyfriend, who was in the United States, was not able to reach her again.

The deaths come several months after three American tourists were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning at an all-inclusive Sandals resort in the Bahamas in May.

Source: Fox News

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