Severe Winter Weather Across the US Might Make Travel ‘Impossible’

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Dec 11. An intense winter storm system is moving across the U.S., with both coasts experiencing wintery weather conditions on Sunday, and will continue to impact most of the nation throughout the week with the potential to disrupt travel.

Today, parts of Southern California—including Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties—are seeing more than seven inches of rain, with more than four inches dumped on areas of Los Angeles County and localized rainfall of up to an inch per hour in some of the Golden State’s southwestern regions.

Given California’s ongoing (or, rather, chronic) drought conditions and the many areas scarred by wildfires, flash flooding and debris flow are worrisome possibilities.

Meanwhile, several feet of snow are expected to fall in the mountains, from the West to the Midwest. “Heavy mountain snow and coastal rain to the West will begin to shift into the Plains Monday,” according to the National Weather Service’s (NWS) short-range forecast.

As heavy snowfall slammed into California’s mountains on Sunday, a stretch of Highway 89 in the Lake Tahoe area was closed down, with sections of I-80 and other roads closed down periodically. Parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains could be blanketed with five feet of snow and suffer from whiteout conditions Sunday through Monday, said the NWS.

Source: Travel Pulse

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