United Airlines Faces Potential $1.1 Million Fine For Changes To Preflight Checks On Its Boeing 777s

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Feb 6. The United States Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a fine of $1.1 million against United Airlines for changing its preflight checklist for its Boeing 777 aircraft. According to the FAA, United missed more than 100,000 inspections of the fire system warning on the Boeing widebodies.

According to the FAA, United’s problem began five years ago when the airline changed its preflight checklist for the 777s. Supposedly, the airline removed the inspection of a fire system warning, making the aircraft «unworthy» to fly.

United’s CEO, Scott Kirby, received a letter from the FAA outlining all allegations against the Chicago-based airline. The letter states that 102,488 flights were operated between June 2018 and April 2021, in which the fire system warning was not checked. FAA regulations state that crews should perform the checks every 24 hours.

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