CDC adds 3 Destinations on to its ‘High’ Risk List for Covid-19

Regulations COVID-19

Aug 01. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday added three destinations to its “high” risk category for travel, including an Eastern European country known for its mountains, thick forests and folklore culture.

Romania is the most notable travel destination to receive a Level 3, “Covid-19 high” designation in a week that saw few overall changes in risk assessment.

The other two were Romania’s smaller, wine-making neighbor Moldova and sparsely populated St. Pierre and Miquelon, a French archipelago off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

There were almost 125 destinations at Level 3 on August 1. Level 3 locations account for more than half the roughly 235 places monitored by the CDC.

Level 3 became the top rung in terms of risk level in April after the CDC overhauled its ratings system for assessing Covid-19 risk for travelers.

Source: CNN

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