Hawaii Grapples With ‘Overtourism’ Debate Amid West Maui Reopening

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October 9. The reopening of West Maui two months after wildfires devastated the region has sparked an argument about tourism.

The area reopened to visitors on Sunday. Some think it’s a case of «overtourism» and that it’s too soon to reopen the region to tourists.

Others say that Hawaii is so reliant on tourism, including the Lahaina area of Maui, that it was the right time to reopen.

Some residents have even signed a petition that has drawn 10,000 signatures so far to try and delay the opening. Some families still have to «find shelter, provide for their children’s education, and cope with emotional trauma,» according to the petition.

Others recognize the delicate balance between tourism being the top economic driving force for all of Hawaii and the respect that the residents deserve.

Source: Travel Pulse

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