Panama, a dream destination for fishermen

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Dec 23. Well positioned in the world of fishing as a destination that offers anglers an unparalleled experience, sport fishing in Panama continues to be an excellent attraction for travelers and an important factor that contributes to the country’s tourism economy. For sports enthusiasts looking for an exciting challenge, it’s a tale of trial and error, achievement and sheer excitement that continues to draw them to the destination’s world-class fishing shores year after year.

With billfish season peaking from December through April, it’s the perfect time for travelers to plan a Panama fishing excursion. Running along the coasts from east to west, the country’s hardy saltwater species, abundant billfish and crystal clear waters provide an unforgettable experience every sport fisherman dreams of.

Panama offers anglers a year-round fishing destination and it is not necessary to have a fishing license. Cold, nutrient-packed currents, known as the Humboldt or Peru Current, move north from Antarctica to the west coast of South America. The warmest water comes from southern Costa Rica and crosses over on the Pacific coast of Panama. The convergence of these ocean currents on the Pacific coast of the country creates optimal conditions.

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