The Dominican Republic Tourism Continues Record Breaking Growth

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Aug 1. The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, informed that the Dominican Republic received 735,064 thousand non-resident visitors in July, making it the month of highest tourist arrivals in the country’s history, surpassing December 2021.

Collado indicated that this new achievement is projected to close the year by beating for the first time in history the figure of more than 7 million tourists, and said that with this July 2022, non-resident visitor arrivals represent 10% more than July 2018, 24% above July 2019 and 30% above the same month of 2021.

Minister Collado pointed out that, in addition to these 734 thousand visitors by air, another 98,389 cruise passengers arrived in the country in July and that cumulatively the country has more than 4 million 182 thousand tourists so far this year.

He affirmed that the arrival of these tourists last month directly impacted the economy since it represented 739 million dollars in foreign exchange contributions.

The United States continues to lead as a country of origin for tourists, followed by Canada, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Cuba, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Dominican Today 

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