Travel insurance is a must-have right now – here’s why


July 25. It seems like there are more issues than ever with travel right now. This summer, a surge in flight disruptions — caused by a mix of flight crew shortages, unexpected weather events, natural disasters and outdated tech, among other issues — caused headaches and financial losses for millions of travelers across the globe.

And these issues don’t appear to be improving, either. Mechanical issues and weather delays are continuing to be compounded by airline staffing shortages, causing flight delays, cancellations and interruptions to be the norm rather than the exception. And when this happens, travelers may be stuck with the bill for hotels, flight changes or other travel-related costs.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case when you’re traveling. By purchasing a travel insurance policy, you can obtain financial protection to cover certain types of unexpected events, such as flight cancellations, lost luggage or medical emergencies while abroad. Many experts recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy, and it may now be more important than ever.

There are a number of ongoing global issues that travelers have to contend with, from political instability to natural disasters and unpredictable weather patterns. Just take the wildfires burning right now on the Greek island of Rhodes, for example, which have caused widespread evacuations and travel interruptions. But any one of these issues can cause a trip cancellation or interruption — which can result in extra costs for hotels, flight changes or rebooking.

Source: CDS News


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