American Airlines Pilot Goes Viral for Announcement Reminding Passengers Not to Be ‘Selfish and Rude’

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August 3. An American Airlines pilot has gone viral after making an important announcement about travel etiquette.

In an Instagram video shared by comedy writer Anna Leah Maltezos that has racked up over 4.6 million views, the unnamed captain can be heard going through everything from how to listen to music and properly speak to flight attendants to the rights of the person in the middle seat.

The captain’s stern yet humorous speech struck a chord with many on social media amid a serious uptick in passengers misbehaving on planes in recent years.

He first reminded passengers how he felt they should treat the cabin crew.

“Remember, the flight attendants are here for your safety,» the pilot announced at the start of the preflight speech. «After that, they’re here to make your flight more enjoyable. They’re going to take care of you guys but you will listen to what they have to say because they represent my will in the cabin, and my will is what matters.»

«Be nice to each other,» the pilot continued. «Be respectful to each other. I shouldn’t have to say that. You people should treat people the way you want to be treated. But I have to say it every single flight because people don’t. And they’re selfish and rude and we won’t have it.»

The pilot then continued his speech by reminding his passengers to keep their carry-on items «out of everybody else’s way.»

«Put your junk where it belongs,» he said. «Everybody paid for a space. Don’t lean on other people. Don’t fall asleep on other people. Don’t drool on them unless you’ve talked about it and they have a weather-resistant jacket.»

He then finished his speech by sharing «a little bit of fatherhood.»

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