Cancun and Mexican Caribbean Hits New Record For September Arrivals

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Oct 14. Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean have hit new records for arrivals in the month of September, as travel to Mexico shows no signs of slowing down towards the end of the year. The region, with its miles of pristine coastline, authentic local culture, and thriving nightlife and leisure options, has long since been a firm favorite for travelers from not only the United States and Canada, but around the world too – and the most recent arrivals figures now suggest that it is more popular than ever before.

With winter also expected to bring large crowds flocking to the Mexican Caribbean, the country remains the perfect blueprint of how to bounce back from the pandemic for other countries around the world to follow.

Last month marked the first time that the Mexican Caribbean welcomed more than 1 million travelers in September – including from before the pandemic. Not only is this a great achievement in itself, but even more so considering September is traditionally seen as the peak month of the region’s low season, with this year’s September figures some 350,000 more than was seen before the pandemic in 2019.

Of course, American travelers will make up the bulk of the arrivals to the Mexican Caribbean, given the close proximity between the two places, the historical preferences of American travelers, and a wide range of cheap, non-stop, short flights to the region.

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