What Travel Insurance Does Not Cover


July 7. When you buy travel insurance, you may assume it will cover any injury, illness, inconvenience or loss you experience on your trip. But as with any insurance, it’s important to read the fine print of your policy.

There’s a long list of things travel insurance won’t cover, some of which might surprise you. As travel has become increasingly complicated in recent years, you need to know the major exclusions.

  1. Fear of Travel Due to a Pandemic, Outbreak or Other Reason
  2. Natural Disasters That Begin Before You Buy Travel Insurance
  3. Some Last-Minute Changes Aren’t Covered by Travel Insurance
  4. Bad Weather and Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption Insurance
  5. Pre-existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance
  6. Normal Pregnancy Not Covered by Travel Insurance
  7. Activities That Involve Drinking or Drug Use
  8. Risky Activities and Sports Often Excluded from Travel Insurance
  9. Illegal or Dangerous Activities
  10. Medical Tourism and Travel Insurance
  11. Anything Not Well Documented

Source: Forbes


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