These Are The Top 5 Most Popular Destinations In The Mexican Caribbean Right Now

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October 26. The Mexican Caribbean is a region best known for offering some of the dreamiest sights on Earth.

Now that temperatures are plummeting all across the U.S., more travelers than ever are looking for that warm, relaxing escape promised by the stunning hotspots in the region.

On that note, there are a few specific destinations that seem to be on top of every tourist’s bucket list right now, with hotels in the area seeing 75% occupancy rates even during this shoulder season.

Costa Mujeres

Though Costa Mujeres is a relatively new gem on the Mexican Caribbean’s map, it’s quickly becoming one of the region’s most sought-after destinations.


After a record-breaking summer, Cancun continues to be one of Mexico’s most coveted hotspots, thanks to its classic beachy allure.

Riviera Maya

Just south of Cancun, you’ll find Riviera Maya, a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural delights.

Puerto Morelos

If you’re looking to experience the quiet, authentic charm of the region this winter, Puerto Morelos is the place to be.


The last destination on today’s list needs no introduction. Boasting a blend of ancient history and a vibrant nightlife, chances are that Tulum has overcome your social media feed for years now.

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