Hackers May Attack Travelers Rewards Points and Miles

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August 15. Mostly, hackers are looking to scam you out of your bank account or credit cards.

But they could also deplete your travel rewards card and relieve you of all your hard-earned miles.

Frequent flyer miles and loyalty points can be just as important as currency. Heck, they even made a movie about the accumulation of frequent flyer points called Up in the Air starring George Clooney.

A trio of cyber-sleuths looked up the company that administers many programs, Points.com, and uncovered some troubling news. The researchers found some apparent vulnerabilities in the system from March to May of this year that could have compromised the points.

That is, hackers could have stolen your reward points.

The researchers found that the Points.com system allowed hackers to see account numbers, addresses and phone numbers, among other personal things. For United Airlines, for instance, the researchers found a vulnerability that allowed them to hack the system with a secret password – the password was ‘secret.’

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