10 Travel Predictions For 2023


Dec 27. What can we expect for 2023? The urge to dust off the crystal ball and take a look ahead is irresistible:

  1. International travel will eventually return full force in 2023, led by business and leisure travelers to and from China.
  2. S. domestic leisure travel is back, and business travel will soon follow.
  3. S. international travel is coming back too. A recent pollsays 31% of Americans are more interested in international travel than domestic.
  4. Airline stocks will come back as U.S. and international travelers do.
  5. Cruise lines, too, will come back. An eye-opening article in The Streetshowed that Royal Caribbean and Carnival have an interesting strategy to counter destinations like Venice and Key West banning the big boats.
  6. But not every destination will ban cruise ships or say, “Tourist go home.” Many destinations will mute their destructive hardball campaign against tourists.
  7. Virtual travel, while an interesting concept, will be a tough sell. The idea is that groups will “go on” a live tour on Zoom led by a local guide.
  8. Flying carswill not arrive, again. I look forward to seeing new flying car mock-ups at CES 2023 and will try not to mock the “movement” too hard.
  9. Middle Eastern travel will continue to grow, with the success of the Abraham Accord and the opening of Saudi Arabia.
  10. Airline dreamers will keep dreaming impossible dreams.

Source: Forbes

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