This Tropical Destination Is One of the Most Popular in Latin America Right Now

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July 4. With open borders and a vast cultural wealth many Americans find hard to resist, Latin America is one of the trendiest vacation spots in the post-crisis world.

Comprising parts of North America, numerous Caribbean archipelagos, and most of South America, the ‘Latin World’ shares a common heritage, owing it to Spanish-Portuguese colonization efforts and the development of a distinct culture featuring both post-colonial and pre-Columbian elements.

Famous for its pristine white-sand beaches, turquoise-colored ocean, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Dominican Republic (often shortened to simply DR) has officially surpassed some of Latin America’s biggest players in terms of tourist arrivals.

While it is yet to challenge the all-too-powerful Mexico, the unchallenged King of Tourism hosting over 30 million guests, the much smaller tropical Caribbean nation is already registering twice the number of visitors both Brazil and Colombia are posting.

The data was presented by Latinometrics, a Twitter account gathering information on Latin American countries and trends. According to them, the DR has reached more than 7 million tourists in 2022 alone, compared to Brazil’s less-than-impressive 3.5 million.

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