How drinking on holiday could impact travel insurance claims


August 21. After months of saving and weeks of planning, you’re finally on that long-awaited holiday. First on the list is a vineyard bike tour. A few stops (and a few drinks) later, you’re tipsily pedalling towards the final cellar door when you tumble off the bike.

The bad news is that you’ve fractured your wrist. Even worse? Your travel insurance won’t cover any of the medical costs.

Like health or contents insurance, travel insurance typically involves exclusions; circumstances that allow the insurer to deny your claim. Some of these are commonsense, such as illegal activities, pre-existing health conditions or travelling against government advisories.

However, one activity Kiwis love is also on the list, and few people are probably aware of it, says insurance expert David Wallace.

“Kiwis need to be aware of their alcohol use while travelling and understand that your insurance may not be the safety net you thought it was when it comes to behaving recklessly,” said Wallace, who is Allianz Partners New Zealand’s chief sales officer.

While it’s obvious that an accident caused by drinking and driving wouldn’t be covered, Wallace said people don’t realise drinking and other, very legal, activities also may not be covered.

“Whether it’s a wine-tasting bike tour in Italy or a boat party off the coast of Europe during your OE – if you are under the influence and have an accident or get injured, you’ll, unfortunately, have to front any medical bills or other associated costs on your own,” he said.

Source: NZ herald

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