Israel Tourism Officials Detail Response to Hamas Attack


October 10. The Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) is working to ensure the safety and security of visitors to the country in the wake of this weekend’s Hamas attack that continues to impact travel in the Middle East.

In a statement issued Tuesday, IMOT said that it was «deeply saddened by the events that took place at our southern border with Gaza on Saturday, October 7.»

«As a result of the events, the government has declared a state of emergency,» officials added. «The safety and security of our visitors is our top priority, and we are working to ensure their well-being in every way possible.»

«IMOT, in collaboration with relevant authorities, is working to assist those who wish to depart from Israel. While U.S. carriers have suspended flights to Israel, Ben Gurion International Airport remains open, and many flights are still departing Israel. Travelers should continue to check the status of flights and the status of Ben Gurion International Airport.»

IMOT also confirmed that it’s operating a «virtual office» that can be reached via WhatsApp (+972 55 972 6931) or email at

«Travelers currently in Israel can dial 104 for information or contact Home Front Command on WhatsApp or SMS on +972 52 910 4104. IMOT will provide updates on travel to and around Israel as new information is available,» the ministry concluded.

IMOT also shared helpful links to the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Ben Gurion Airport and the Israel U.S. Embassy.

Source: Travel Pulse

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