The Top Destinations Still Enforcing COVID-19 Travel Restrictions


Oct 13. Travelers and those whose livelihoods are tied to the travel and tourism industry will be happy to know that COVID-19 entry restrictions are becoming the exception rather than the rule post-pandemic.

Fully vaccinated Americans essentially have their pick of destinations around the world this fall, with some 190 countries open to these individuals without COVID-19 testing or quarantine.

Bermuda is one of the top destinations with travel requirements in place for passengers over the age of 2 but visiting will get easier from October 25 onwards as travelers will no longer require a pre-travel test, arrival test nor a day 4 test. However, unvaccinated non-resident travelers will still need to upload valid proof of travel health insurance to enter Bermuda.

In the Middle East, Qatar is another notable destination still implementing coronavirus restrictions ahead of the 2022 World Cup kicking off next month. U.S. travelers must present a negative PCR (48 hours) or rapid antigen test (24 hours) taken prior to departing for Qatar.

Hong Kong recently eased travel restrictions, eliminating its cumbersome quarantine requirement. Nonetheless, visitors must still test negative multiple times, including prior to arrival and self-monitor for several days while avoiding establishments such as bars and restaurants.

Unvaccinated travelers can expect to face more challenges than inoculated individuals this fall though as a handful of popular destinations are requiring these visitors to test negative for COVID-19 prior to arrival, including places like Anguilla, Brazil, Chile, Dominica, Japan, Peru, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Source: Travel Pulse

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