Turkiye Is The Number One Leisure Destination In The Middle East – Here’s Why Travelers Love It


May 10. Turkiye is becoming trendier by the minute now that international travel has resumed and its borders are open restriction-free, so much so that it’s been now named the number one leisure destination in the Middle East, surpassing tourism hotspots like the UAE and Qatar.

According to India-based travel technology firm Rategain, international arrivals in the Middle East will be 15 percent higher during summer 2023 than the peak year of 2019. Surprisingly, Turkiye is the driving force behind this recovery, not the Persian Gulf with its futuristic skyscrapers.

A cross-continental giant straddling both Europe and the Anatolian Peninsula, the Westernmost portion of Asia, enriched by millennia upon millennia of History, and at the meeting point of civilizations.

Despite the soaring inflation and rising prices of recent years, Turkiye is still incredibly affordable by both Western and Middle Eastern standards.

The already-cited Bodrum has been named the third cheapest Mediterranean destination this year, while the financial hub that is Ankara, Turkiye’s seriously underrated capital city, has been crowned the most affordable city for digital nomads worldwide.

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