Biden administration presses airlines to compensate passengers for delays and cancellations

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May 08. The Biden administration is proposing a set of rules that would require airlines to compensate passengers for any drastic flight delays or cancellations.

As a part of this push, the U.S. Department of Transportation will mandate that airlines cover expenses for meals, hotels and rebookings whenever passengers are facing significant delays or cancellations caused by an airline. It would require cash compensation in addition to potential refunds.

«Many [travelers] missed family gatherings; spent Christmas at an airport; waited countless hours in line or on the phone because there weren’t enough personnel — that’s unacceptable,» President Joe Biden said at Monday afternoon press conference. «And while flight delays and cancellations have come down since then, there’s still a problem.»

None of the major U.S. airlines currently offer cash compensation for cancellations, according to the dashboard. Only one airline gives frequent flyer miles and two guarantee travel credits or vouchers to passengers who experience significant delays or cancellations caused by something within the airline’s control, according to the DOT.

Additionally, the new rule would define what constitutes a «controllable cancellation or delay.»

“When an airline causes a flight cancellation or delay, passengers should not foot the bill,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a statement.

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