CDC Issues Updated COVID-19 Guidance

North America

Aug 11. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk as the virus now poses significantly less risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death compared to early on in the pandemic.

While the health agency acknowledged that there isn’t a lot of new information coming out they’re turning their focus to their messaging and better explaining how individuals can take the appropriate steps for themselves based on their own risk level.

The CDC continues to promote the importance of remaining up to date with vaccinations and advises individuals who test positive to wear a high-quality mask for at least 10 days and get tested again on day five rather than be forced to quarantine. “You are likely most infectious during these first five days,” the CDC says.

What’s more, officials will no longer recommend screening testing of asymptomatic people without known exposures.

Source: Travel Pulse

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