How to save money on a solo vacation, according to the experts

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March 31. A recent study by Which?, a consumer advocacy company, revealed that the average cost per person can be up to 83% more for solo travelers than those traveling as part of a couple.

One major reason for this is due to single supplements, the industrywide habit of charging more for solo travelers to recoup some of the profit lost from a lack of a second party.

There’s a fine line between being financially stringent and letting great opportunities pass you by. Set healthy limits and look to save big in one area as opposed to being economic over many small ones. This can often save you more in the long run while still allowing you to have fun.

Kate McCulley, better known as Adventurous Kate, quit her job to travel the world solo in 2010 and never stopped. Throughout her own experience of traveling alone, she’s learned that being too budget-conscious can dampen what should be a relatively carefree experience.

Traveling out of season is all well and good. However, it’s worth weighing your savings against the odds of spending most of the trip in your hotel room as thunderstorms slam the windows.

Source: The Points Guy


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