U.S. Airlines to Cut More Than 30,000 Flights This November

North America

Aug 11. A collection of airlines operating with the United States are set to cut more than 30,000 flights between them this November, adding further misery to travelers amidst the current chaotic travel climate. Despite the appetite for travel being back strong than ever, airlines have struggled with the incessant demand for flights, making this announcement of cut flights the latest of a long saga of flight cancellations that has blighted travel throughout the year.

Whilst there are five major U.S. airlines that have contributed to the significant reduction of flights set to depart in November, one airline is responsible for the vast majority of the 30,000 plus flight reductions – American Airlines. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest significant cull of flight operations across the United States, including which airlines are the worst offenders and which routes are set to suffer as a result.

It’s fair to say that travel in 2022 hasn’t gone exactly to plan for many travelers. Whilst many anticipated that a year with significant Covid-19 policy reductions across the world would lead to unprecedented travel numbers, the potential of the year failed to be realized due to spiraling travel costs, chaos at airports across the world, and airlines canceling flights by the bucketload across the United States. Unfortunately, the situation is unlikely to significantly improve by the end of the year, with around 34,000 flights set to be slashed this November.

Source: Travel off Path

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