Flights Canceled & Delayed as Thunderstorms Sweep the US Northeast

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June 25. Thunderstorms and inclement weather across the East Coast of the United States have caused significant delays for thousands of travelers. The weather forced airports in Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Atlanta to halt the majority of their incoming flights. Along with this, issues with communication systems in the Washington DC area forced additional flights to be grounded in the area.

At 20:00 Eastern Standard Time, the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) issued ground stops to a large amount of East Coast airports in the United States.

Many airlines that frequent the Northeast were subject to delays and even cancelations. United Airlines was the airline that was most affected in the region, where it saw 1035 flights see some type of delay. This is 36% of its flights. Republic Airlines, which operates service as American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express, saw over 30% of its flights delayed and 18% of its flights get canceled. JetBlue saw the largest percentage of its flights get delayed, where over 50% of its flights were delayed. This is 531 of the airline’s flights.

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