Lindblad Will Offer Flights to Antarctica in 2024

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December 12. Antarctica is a bucket-list destination for many travelers—and for good reason. The White Continent is remote, rugged and stunningly beautiful.

But reaching Antarctica by cruise ship requires sailing across the Drake Passage, the infamous stretch of the Southern Ocean between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. If cruisers are lucky, they’ll experience the “Drake Lake,” when the water is relatively calm. The alternative is the “Drake Shake,” when waves can top 20 feet and sea sickness is all but guaranteed.

Now, Lindblad Expeditions is giving adventurous travelers a chance to skip the Drake Passage altogether. The expedition travel company will offer flights from Argentina to Antarctica starting in November 2024, reports Travel+Leisure.

The cruise line had long been considering whether to offer flights. But, ultimately, the company decided to wait until aviation technology had advanced enough to make flying to the continent more predictable.

Source: Travel Pulse

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