This Latin American Country Has No Set Income Requirement for Its Digital Nomad Visa

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May 21. Latin America is increasingly being hailed as a top destination for digital nomads, who come from all around the world to experience the wonders that this continent can bring.

Some come for warm weather or the interesting blends of cultures, some come for stunning landscapes, while many more digital nomads come to this continent to stretch their dollar further. 

The good news is that the countries of Latin America are offering more and more digital nomad visas, providing the chance for remote workers to stay longer than a traditional tourist visa would allow. 

Some counties, such as Colombia and, more recently, Argentina and Ecuador, have become digital nomad hotspots, while others are just starting to follow suit. 

The latest Latin American country to offer a digital nomad visa is Uruguay.

Most digital nomads base themselves in the coastal capital city of Montevideo, a city that offers most of the creature comforts from back home with a much different vibe.

There are many reasons Uruguay is perfect for digital nomads, and the new digital nomad visa adds just another reason to give this diverse country a try.

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