Travelers Can Stay in These Latin American Countries without a Visa for up to 180 Days

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Feb 12. As exciting as it is, international travel is not always a breeze. There are numerous rules American citizens must observe when going abroad, including never overstaying their 90 days as tourists and ensuring they have enough blank pages on their passport booklet, but luckily, numerous destinations in Latin America have far more relaxed policies in place.

Other than exempting U.S. passport holders of visas, some even allow them to remain for up to 180 days:

  • Mexico: 180 days upon arrival. The go-to destinationfor Americans going on a sunny break, Mexico grants non-migrant entry permits for up to 180 days.
  • Peru: 30 to 183 days (at the discretion of the border officer)
  • Colombia: 90 days + renewable for a further 90 upon application
  • Chile: 90 days + extendable for 90 more upon payment of a fee
  • Brazil: 90 days + an extra 90 upon application
  • Panama: 180 days at entry. Americans can stay in Panama for 180 days on a tourist visa.
  • El Salvador: 180 days at entry.

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