A New Cruise Port Is Opening in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic’s newest cruise port will welcome its first cruise ship in December, according to Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader.

The Puerto Cabo Rojo port will welcome a Royal Caribbean ship on Dec. 18 carrying around 3,000 passengers.

Passengers’ shore excursions will focus on eco-destinations in the area and the surrounding region of Enriquillo, according to Dominican tourism officials.

It’s part of an increasingly strong cruise industry in the Dominican Republic that has seen more than 1.5 million cruise passengers so far in 2023, according to the country’s Ministry of Tourism.

Cabo Rojo is part of a major tourism investment by the country’s government in a new tourism pole it is developing called Pedernales.

Pedernales has been the target of a growing number of hotel investors; the first new hotels will likely begin opening their doors in the area in 2025.

Source: Caribbean Journal

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