Travelers Are Being Warned Not to Fall for These Increasingly Common Scams in Cancun and Cabo

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June 26. As travelers continue to flock to Mexico’s finest coastlines, two of them are seeing increasingly common scams.

Cancun and Cabo tourists are being warned not to become victims when booking their dreamy beach getaway.

These scams range from hotel fraud to beggars. Travelers need to be vigilant and not allow themselves to fall for fraudulent activity.

With so many people vacationing in Mexico this year, without proper knowledge, it can be easy to become a victim.

While the following scams have become commonplace in Cancun and Cabo, they can happen anywhere.

According to Good Morning America, Cabo has been targeted as a destination with an influx of fake hotel listings.

Fraudulent sites are accepting payments for hotels that are not open yet or may not even exist at all.

Travelers should always be wary of ATM scams no matter where they are in their travels. Unfortunately for Cancun tourists, ATM scams have become more popular as of late.

It’s always best to use an ATM at a bank when possible, as these are far less likely to be tampered with.

Common in Cancun right now, the “robbed tourist” scheme targets tourists to pull at their heartstrings.

Someone will approach an obvious traveler begging for help because they lost their wallet, passport, or both.

Instead of going to the nearest embassy like any traveler should, they will beg for financial help, hoping to gain the trust of a fellow traveler.

Rather than assist them financially, it’s best to point them in the right direction of the embassy, as this is the proper protocol for this situation if it is indeed a real scenario.

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